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For many minorities in England, an English identity isn’t always something we’re able to embrace

Years spent in a relationship aren’t a reason to ignore the red flags when they’re plain to see

Marriage doesn’t add anything to a relationship and I wish I hadn’t decided to get married

Teachers have long known that their profession isn’t appreciated and Covid has made that even clearer

Despite her Indian heritage, the Vice President elect hasn’t been celebrated within the Indian community as much as one might expect

And it isn’t the exclusively good news story you might think it is

The Home Secretary’s divisive and xenophobic politics would suggest her as a likely nemesis of most minorities. Yet many British Indians don’t seem to have a problem with her

How many of us are living a lie as a reluctant projection of what we supposedly want for ourselves?

“Jerry, just remember. It’s not a lie, if you believe it.” (George Costanza)

When I moved in with my now wife and subsequently got married, many of our friends and family were of the view that we’d done things the “right way”. Then, we had a child together; again checking the box when it came to traditional societal expectations.

The response to Wiley has shown that we’ve allowed our response to prejudice to become prejudiced itself

Wiley by Ryan Polei and licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Black Pound Day promotes spending with black businesses. And everyone, including non-blacks, should get behind it


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